The Rundown

Each month in the Rundown we touch on the many things taking place in the life of Visions Family Services. So let’s run it down!

For starters we want to acknowledge the lead and staff of the “Lucas House” for IMG_7414 (2)1.jpgwinning and defending the House of the Week award. This acknowledgment goes to the house whose staff often times get caught “doing something right” by keeping an immaculate house.  So congratulations to the Lucas House staff: Lead Dollie Hoosier, Stanley Taylor, Pamela Venable, Jason Gordon and Tracey Battle for doing a consistently awesome job. Keep up the great work!

100_2787.JPGNext we want to give a shout out to our Executive Director Jimmie Spragans for being a shining example of practicing what you preach. Everyday Mr. Spragans speaks about the VFS commitment to uplifting the community. So we want to congratulate him for being recognized by the Petersburg Department of Social Services for Outstanding Community Support. Good work Mr. Spragans and we appreciate your example!

Here at Visions Family Services we are not only updating the way we go about our community efforts and how we deliver services…we are also updating our facilities. Take a look at the transformation of our newly renovated Day Support Community room.dayRoom-before-after.jpg

We also want to give a warm welcome to the newest members of the Visions family…

our new head of Human Resource Ms. Mechelle Cox our new Billing Specialist Ms. Nicole Hunt and our new Residential Coordinator Mr. Sean Young. In the short time that they’ve been with us they all have demonstrated high character and an exemplary quality of work. Welcome Ms. Cox, Ms. Hunt and Mr. Young you are very much appreciated!

That’s the Rundown for this month! Hope everyone has a great remainder to their month and we will talk to you next time with more in the life of Visions Family Services.

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