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Mental Health Awareness…Erasing the get help.jpgStigma and Illuminating the Road to Recovery


50% of Americans have been defined as having a diagnosable mental disorder.  Issues ranging from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder and psychosis. The statistics are alarming:

  • 2 million mentally ill go untreated every year
  • A third or more of homeless suffer some mental health disorder
  • 20% of serious cases kill themselves
  • Odds of the serious mentally ill going to jail vs the hospital is 4 to 1

Numbers only represent trackable, documented cases.  Millions of people suffer in relative silence because of the crippling stigma associated with Mental Health issues.

Visions Family Services is committed to being a lightning rod of hope for those who suffer confusedin the darkness of despair and skepticism.  In situations like these it is the duty of those who can to be a part of the solution. VFS with the help of community leaders is taking the initiative to implement a comprehensive; information based Mental Health Awareness Campaign targeting the whole community.

It’s a broad brush stroke approach to painting a healthier picture of our society that explains:

  • What a Mental Health disorder actually is and looks like
  • How to recognize triggers and symptoms
  • How to implement a step by step action plan for those who are suffering and don’t know what to do next
  • Who to talk to and how to get in touch with them
  • How to live a happier and more productive life while on the road to recovery

This is our duty, mission and responsibility.  If you feel the same please leave us a solutioncomment, we would love to hear from you. And if you are wondering how you can help, simply leave your information in the contact form below or like us on Facebook.  Join the mission!  Be part of the solution. Subscribe to the Lighthouse newsletter and blog today and don’t miss your chance to Illuminate the Road to Recovery for someone in need.

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